CYP Upper Division

Check Your Privilege: Upper Division is a 5-month group coaching program created to help you go from Overwhelm to Action-Driven Co-Conspirator

You want to live into the journey of becoming anti-racist without the guilt or shame of getting it wrong... Where do you go from here?

Tell me, does this sound familiar?

  • You want to do something about the injustice all around you, but the fear of saying the wrong thing, or inadvertently causing offense is keeping you paralyzed. 

  • You’ve read blog posts, googled terminology like ‘centering’, ‘whitesplaining’, and ‘tone policing’, but you know there’s more you could be doing.

  • You know there are life changes to be made, inner work to be done - but what is it? And where do you begin?

  • You know you want to do your part to dismantle white supremacy, but you’d love to have a guide on through the journey.

  • You desire to do this work with integrity and de-center your relationship with whiteness.

  • You aim to be a co-conspirator and be in conscious community with women of color without causing harm.

  • You're here because you're ready to center your journey from the perspective of women of color -  women who are dismantling the systems of oppression by leading on the front lines.

  • You’re ready to take on a journey of transformation that will change you from the inside out, a transformation that will flow out into every aspect of your life and affect real change in the way you engage with the world. I am the guide who can do that.

I've created Check Your Privilege: Upper Division for you.

CYP: Upper Division is a 6-month group coaching program created to help you go from Overwhelm to Action-Driven Co-Conspirator

During this six-month program we will utilize a head, heart, and hands framework, as we move through four phases of our program.


The hardest prison to escape is your mind. We’ll deep-dive into mindset work to prepare for the work ahead, followed by the fundamentals of anti-racism and decolonization frameworks.

Moving from our head, we'll take a closer look at our heart’s desire to change, moving us from saviors to conscious community builders.

We’ll prepare to integrate the information we have learned by diving deep into the ways we can take massive action for our communities.

We’ll integrate your experience and transform you from lost to leader by having you mentor peers in our serving Saturday Skool program.

What You Can Expect

  • A group of action-driven co-conspirators for community & collaboration
  • 2  Group Coaching Calls per month 
  • Weekly content modules
  • A private Facebook Community
  •  Bonus Masterclasses With  Antiracism Coaches
  • Option for discounted 1:1 coaching
  • Bonus discounts on products or services
  • A copy of Check Your Privilege, Lean Into Discomfort, which will be released Fall 2020



What Am I Committing To?

In 5 months, you will go on a co-conspirator's journey exploring reflective practices and interactive assignments. Our online community will offer group support, and inspiration to power you through.

Do I have to attend all sessions?

We highly recommend you miss no more than two sessions - but we understand that life happens. You will have access to all course replays. Course replays are available for 48 hours after class. AND our Facebook Community will give you time for group check-ins and practices.

When do we meet?

Our kick off call and orientation will be Saturday July 4 2020 at 11 am, PT. Our weekly coaching calls will be on Wednesday at 11 am pst. 

What if the payment plan does not work for me?

Please email for alternative payment options.

My name is Myisha T Hill.

I’m Myisha T. Hill an awesome and sometimes exhausted mom of 3 kiddos.

I’m known to many as a mental health advocate and synergist, as I have the ability to help people live into the intersections of their lives and thrive.  

 In 2018 I wanted to challenge the notion of throwing white women away, and so I created the CYP movement to walk with folx on their antiracism journeys.