Holiday Bundle by Myisha hill

Holiday Bundle

'Tis the season for Co-Conspiring! Avail 5 of CYP Courses for the price of one.

Lets Talk About Race

A 5-Part Intro Series On Anti-Racist Fundamentals. Includes downloadable worksheets and community forum.

Live Into The Work

An online masterclass for white folx on their anti-racsim journey. Each purchase includes the Ebook Check Your Privilege LIVE Into The Work.

Mindful of Space

A 90 minute masterlcass  guiding white women on how to be mindful of the space they take up in the world. 

Rest As Resistance With Tina Strawn

Unpacking White Saviorism

The White Saviorism Myth perpetuates the belief that BIPOC needs rescuing. 

My name is Myisha T Hill.

I’m Myisha T. Hill an awesome and sometimes exhausted mom of 3 kiddos.

I’m known to many as a mental health advocate and synergist, as I have the ability to help people live into the intersections of their lives and thrive.  

 In 2018 I wanted to challenge the notion of throwing white women away, and so I created the CYP movement to walk with folx on their antiracism journeys.