Rest As Resistance With Tina Strawn by Myisha hill

Rest As Resistance With Tina Strawn

"Your Inability To Rest, Is YOU Upholding White Supremacy" Tina Strawn

Activism Burn Out Is REAL.

Living In a patriarchal society, we tend to be in an active space of DOING. Working to prove our worth in the anti-racism space. Working to prove we are a good/bad person. Working to prove we are "WOKE." All at the expense of our social/ emotional and mental health.
A phenomenological study on the causes of burnout among racial justice pointed out 4 distinct causes for racial justice burnout :
1. emotional-dispositional causes,
2. structural causes,
3.backlash causes,
4. in-movement causes.

This Is For You If You Are:
  • Feel burned out from actively engaging in Anti-Racism Work
  • Putting yourself LAST to be a voice for BBIAPIPoC
  • Ready to Center Black women in conversations on Race Power & Privilege
  • Learn how to continue educating yourself, become a resource to other white people and find ways to integrate anti-racism work into your daily life
  • Q& A with a wider audience

About Tina Strawn

Tina is an antiracism educator & facilitator, social justice advocate & activist, owner and cohost of Speaking Of Racism podcast, and Founder of Legacy Trips.